Making Bank: A BanklessDAO Podcast
Making Bank: A BanklessDAO Podcast

Episode 27 · 2 months ago

Making Bank: Tony Stark member interview


Tony Stark joined BanklessDAO right around the genesis of BanklessAfrica and began his journey working on the BanklessAfrica website. He has been serving a role as BanklessAfrica Tech Steward since, and is now also part of the Mad Hatter Management Crew.

In this episode, Tony Stark joins salmanneedsajob on an episode of Making Bank, as Tony tells us about his experience learning web3, journey within BanklessAfrica and the dev guild in BanklessDAO, and some reflections on his career so far within web3.

Tony Stark

Discord: tony.stark#5145

Twitter: sudo_okhai 

Today's host: @salmanneedsajob 


0:54 - Tony Stark's interest in AI and being inspired from Iron Man

2:29 - Learn & Earn, & Finding purpose as a developer through web3

8:40 - Joining BanklessDAO & Bootstrapping BanklessAfrica

13:11 - Responsibilities as a Tech Steward in BanklessAfrica

16:18 - Some dev guild projects

20:22 - Working on Mad Hatter

25:44 - DAO career reflections


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Making Bank


Welcome to making bank, the show for bankless down by bankless down, where each week we highlight a project and a personality from inside the bankless staff. We want to showcase the work that we do and the people who do it. This is our story, because we journey to become more bankless. If you want to learn more about what it is that we do, then just keep listening and we hope you enjoy today's episode of Making Bank. GMGM. Everyone, welcome to making bank. I am Selman, I go as Sealman, needs a job on discord and today I have a meet Tony Stock from the stock industries, I mean from bankless Dow Tony Stock is a student and a developer, part of the Dev Guild. He is a roadholder in bankless Africa as a text toward and also it's part of the mad hatter management crew. A lot to explode here and I'm excited for this conversation. Thank you for joining on making bank. So thank you for taking time off saving the world and joining making back. I should say that's a Tony Stark joke. If you can just maybe I started to just get started with that, like, where did that name come from? Okay, the Tony Stark name. So I started my master's in artificial intelligence. So I'm kind of like I was inspired by Tony Stark, like looking at this ai and I wanted to like, you know, create something similar for myself. Quite quite an ambition death. Well, actually, yes, I'm still on that mission. Like I just moved to my apartment and I'm like, you know what, I want to automate the house. I want to actually be like an AI that would power my house. But yeah, so when I got into bank lass, I was like everybody at the pseudo name and I thought, okay, you know what, is the perfect one, and my nickname used to be iron man as a kid. So I was like, you know what, Tony Stark, and I got that name stock. I wanted to change back to my real name, but everybody already started calling me Tony Stark, Tony Starts. I was like, okay, Donny Start, okay, but you don't have an issue docs in yourself. Oh No, my real name. It's okay, okay, it's my real name in back. Let's down. It almost seems inappropriate to have a real liminate, real picture and all that. It is not an appropriate but it seems so, it is not. Yet it might be a misconception because a lot of people, and that was the same thing for me when I got here, a lot of people are nicknames, so I was like, okay, I'm gonna use a nickname, um, but then people started coming in with your real name and I'm like, you know what, I want my real name to be out there, but it was too late. The turning staff already stuck Nice, okay, you're you were talking about their journey into Cateto. How did that happen? It's it's been a long time coming. I used to live in Nigeria. I think I read about crypto first when I was I think maybe when I was like fourteen or fifteen years old. At that point, I could not afford crypto. I told my sister by Crypto and she was like no, no, and that time, I think it was it was very cheap. I cannot remember the price. And then I got, you know, to a point where I was talking to someone they told me that the price of Crypto was twenty thousand dollars, that's Bitcoin, and I was like, Goddamn, I cannot afford that. And I used to know because when it was about two hundred dollars or less, I cannot remember. Then I was like, okay, I'm going to arn my way into it and I started doing research. How can you earn Crypto? And I found out about doubts and it was just a perfect place because you can build, you can learn and you can earn. And I was like, Oh my God, learning and any soone is paying me to kind of, you know, learn and build stuff. I think this is a no brainer. So I got involved. I actually started learning a lot about Crypto, got that they're using defy and then the bonus was like I was getting paid and I was like, Oh my God, I love Crypto. Before that, like you were a student as you were going through this process of learning about Crypto, is it? Yes, I started my masters. I literally just started my masters when I heard about this. So how's that going and how how you're managing your dowt activity along with masters? It is really tough. Like, let's be honest,...

I kinally love crypto model. I think I found my purpose in this space. I want to be a developer right and I would say I've actually not learned anything in school since my second semester. Don't get me wrong. I on my Undergrad I was a really good student. I traveled around on scholarship also. Um, I was getting all a's, but I was not learning anything from school because I'm kind of like a self learner. I like learning myself and actually coming to Crypto, I found people that are already in the profession, like they already built and stuff, and it seems like I found my propose that this is what I want to do. So I just kind of like went on in and like putting a lot of effort more in Crypto. Don't take my advice right, but I I kind of focused more on crypto. So what? What kind of effort is it? Contributions to down? Yes, contributions to Dow making networks, Um, with every other, like a lot of professionals in this field. So I want to be a machine learning engineer, right. I met a machine learning engineer. Yeah, I met like a lot of developers with fifteen years, twenty years of experience. So I started learning from them personally, like, because I've always been a self learner. So I was kind of like learning from professionals, if that makes sense. It sounds to me like learning is very much a part of the lake, your team here. You've been following a part of learning, and that's letting you do that. Yes, I am a really curious person. I love like learning new things, like I think every day. I challenged myself to learn new things and crypto gives me that opportunity where like there's so much changing, so much things to learn, and I'm like, at first I couldn't even understand, like I want to learn everything, but I cannot. So now I'm actually learning to get a balance that. Okay, you know you cannot know everything, but you can focus and like, you know, be more specific and and own your skills. So I jumped into like web three development right Um. I learned a lot of different spect of it, made friends that are developers that you know. We just start brings domain on things and it's just, you know, it's just quicken. I actually completely agree with you. One of the things that attracts me a lot about this space also is this new learning opportunity. Everybody in this space is kind of on a level playing field. They may be they may be a little more at once than you by a few months, at most a year, but then there's so much to learn and pick up and there's like across a spectrum of things, like in Weptory, whether it is an FT stall Scripto, defy all of that. So actually, like, whatever time and place you are in your life, everybody seems to be an equal in terms of the opportunity to learn. That is true. And the interesting thing when you set level playing field is like people from all walks of life globally, like you would see experts from like Australia, Italy, America, Canada, like this is the first time, I guess personally, that I'll meets, you know, experts from all over the world combining and like in just one space, and you just have, like, I feel like a full of talents to to tap knowledge from. Totally agree with you. It is very exciting. We'll get into banklets now, but before that I just want to like understand your space, like before you enter, like join banklets Dow, wh whether you add in your life, like in terms of your skills and what you're doing in your life and all that. Okay, before I joined banklets down, I've finished my undergrad in computer programming, so I went to a community college first, got a degree computer programming, started my undergrad computer programming and then I started my masters, but I've not at on the job experience right, but personally I'm kind of like a curious person. I've beat a lot of websites. I was a solution saturate solution Saturday, so I was certisfied in that, but it was mostly technology. So, Um, I started beating websites when I was like a ten years old or...

...ten years old, when I was really young. I started building website. Well, on wordpress, so I think my skill set was in web development, Linux administration. But because, okay, I also beat my own operating system. Well, I did a little substracting system. Okay, this is getting serious. It was more of like a education education and like self learning and just building stuff. Okay, and you had a good background in teck, although you didn't have a job as such, but you had like hands on experience building websites and some programming. Yes, so how did banklets do happen? It started from where I wanted to be like how can I earn Crypto, because, you know, I'm a college student, I don't have much money to put in Crypto. So I was like, okay, how can I, you know, tap into this? And I thought it was a new field that you know, the scripto space is a true I believe it has a lot of potential in in like in the skill of like a long term so I just kind of I was I think I did a research on like auto end crypto. Then I found the banklets que podcast. Right, so I was listening to the Banklet H podcast and they talked about doubt and I joined it out it was still rather new. I think the banklets that was about two or three months old when I joined. It was like yes, Um, then I found people like earnest of guy, Um tin decade, and we started like working together and then we put strapped bank lest Africa. Yeah, at that point that's where banklets Africa started. So you joined before banklets Africa started. Yes, I joined at that point where it was about to start. So you were part of the early team starting bank. So we're about two three people there. So I was part of I was probably third person of four person on the term. Who are the three people? Think Decade, Arness of Guy and there's this guy named hardy. It was from Zimbabwe. Yeah, and that's how I I've started with the banklets now and then I started learning about defy and then I joined the developers guild and I met a lot of people all over the world again and I started learning about like web three, actually building web three stuff. So I kind of got involved in that space. And then they used different tools, like there isn't next years, Um, there isn't reacts, there isn't Chakra Ui. So I had to start learning that too, and my skill just studied up, skilling, like it was a point I felt like I was growing like maybe like two times, two eggs every week. Every week my skill level was increasing like two eggs. Well, through the development stuff? Yeah, through the development stuff, yeah, through the development stuff, because of the kind of project that we're working on, the kind of things I was learning from everybody. That interesting. Interesting. We'll get to the death stuff. Very excited to hear about that. But really it is developing banklets Africa. Like what what was that like and how were you particularly involved in that? Um, I was still in the tech part. So they started with a seed document and they were kind of like, you know, writing about the vision of banklets Africa and created this scope squad and it was this weekend. I was kind of like on my computer and then I meet in decade and valuate on a voice call and I jumped into it and they wanted to be the website and we like literally sat down there being the website randomly, and then Um, I think, genetics, popped in and she was like, Oh, I can help you out with graphic design. She created a logo and we just sat down there on the weekend and we built to what preace website and that was kind of like, you know, that's how I got into and I was like, Oh my God, I've actually not built a website this fast, like randomly. I like planning and stuff, and I was like, you know what, I don't like, you know, doing things in problem too. But that place, the vibe was right, everything was set and then, you know, talents were just popping in from everywhere and I think before the end of this the call, maybe they...

...were like maybe eight nine people that just jumped on the call different skills said I could I could do this, I could do this, I could do this, and we pulled all together and would be the webster and I was like, yeah, I'm going to get involved in this like long time. That's awesome. BANKLETS AF Forgat is like such a VI event community within banklets down and now, obviously with all the relentless activity that we know of and all the amazing stuff they're prore using. So I think it's come a long way since that website. That is true. It's come alonger. Now we have a podcast, we have a lot of contributors, we've gotten, you know, the banklets grant to acknowledge us. We've we've made a lot of progress to aside from that, you know, we are potentially, you know, meeting people. Next, I think in two weeks or three weeks, they're going to be actual meet up of some people in its it's safari, where they go to Kenya and they're going to like, you know, meet up and talk about crypto and that is amazing. That is okay. So that's cool. So where is that being held? It's in Kenya, I believe. Sadly, I cannot go. Um, I think it's in Kenya. I'm going to come from that. Good, good, good, no problem. And you you still the you are the text to ward at bankless Africa. Right. Yes, text was Africa. So, like, what is that like? What the activities as a text to ward? So after didn't works out on word press. I was like, you know what, I want to kind of like match the skills set of people, like pull more Africans into web theory, but also kind of change the stack to train people or just, you know, on both people with skill set that will be relevant to web through industry. I know what press is good, but I'm thinking most of the time, most of the were three applications have seen using javascript. They're using, you know, the blockchain technology, which is ethereum or polygon or optimism, you know, all that kind of different blockchains. So I thought, okay, we should change the stack. So I started that. So we changed the stack to I mean next years. Were rightly working towards making it like a web cl native side, yes, through implementing these frameworks that make it differently. If I made yes, so I would. We were trying to just put that on ramp so that it would be easy for people to come there. And, you know, because one of the key things in Banklas guise education. Right. So, Um, we actually even I started an initiative, but it's weak because you know, it's nout everybody. And we started an initiative where we started training people on this skill set that will be relevant in Web thory. So we started a javascript tradeing Um. So it is to trade in and although that is still in the work. So we started it, but we still need to improve that Um. But yeah, that is some of my role or my job, my duties as a backlest text to one interesting. So also teaching and mentoring other people is also part of those duties, duties you mentioned. Yes, yes, it's it's amazing how much that has been so yeah, I can see, you know, the works of that, because mentoring people with zero Um experience in development and now and they're like, you know, react developers, next year's developers. Okay, I'm good at till when. That also inspires me, like I'm always glad to see that kind of stuff. So that what is this mentorship happening? Is it in the banks, Africa channels or the defricated, in the bank last Africa Channel? We are trying to integrae with the DEFU too. So I'm also involvement in back flacet DEF. So how many people have benefited from this particular mentorship program you think from zero to like a good death outside three. But I mean we're still young, we're still working that like you know, improvement, but for me that sounds like a good number. You know, Um, and I'm thinking that, you know, they can also bring more people in that space. That that is so amazing. I just I'm just trying to understand like the impact they're having. It is so amazing because you've just enjoy like a few months...

...ago, Aldan, the Tao is a year old, like you've been involved like for many months and you're actually having impact of two people personally through mentorship of a very technical skill, which is really cool. Not Not something you get to do often at a regular job, that is true. So let's talk about like the deaf guilt. What's happening the deaf guilt? I feel like that is one area like I personally am not too familiar with. I know about mad hatter. I benefit from the products that the deaf guilt built, but somehow I have not been either involved or, like hearing, heard much about what's happening. So if you can just like tell me about like what's happening with the deaf guilt, how you're involved and what the kind of projects that are taking place over there. Okay, I'm involved in the matter of project now, but in the deaf guilt in general. Um. You know, when I first started again, most people actually inspired me. So there was like a solidary to trade. In Um session there's knowledge session. We have people comment. I think I tended one leaned session of like N F T S and before that I could not even Buel an nft right. So they had this session on like you know, I think I cannot remember the name, but it was just a nft discussion, like development discussion, and from there I picked up, I made some connections and I reached out to them and, you know, I learned how to be an n ft from that. But aside from that, they do have like their first quest where you can learn or pick up bounties up to the point where, you know, you become a death or if you're not a deaf, like if you're not involved in Deav, give right. You can, you can walk your way on into the deaf gift space. I also assisted with the constitution, so they have a defut concession. I was kind of in the first phase of that, like working on that part. Aside from that, we have this initiative of like trying to go into acadels. So accatons were three accatons where you go on your network with like a lot of other developers and you build stuff. I actually finished one last week. We want a price. Um, it was an we three storage price. So, Um, it's global is what it's called. So we have this initiator and they would where we are working towards that too. I mean we're managing the website. Then there's deaf ops Info Sec, where they work on information security. So that is kind of, you know, a cool thing. And now and the matter that too. What we do have a lot of other boats. That automates things in the in the doubt in general, and people might abstract a lot of like the friction between like, you know, managing dolls, and that makes life easy for everybody in the doubt. Um, but that's some of the things and defecated and it is so it's so large that I myself will not even be able to tell you everything. You probably need to speak with the DEAV give talent coordinator to kind of get the full information of words. Most definitely. Most definitely we need to dig different to the deaf girl. And Yeah, for sure. So you mentioned like building any you learned how to build an Ft. so what do you mean like building an F T s? Isn't it just uploading on the open CE and just kidding? If you can just describe, like what does it take to build a n FT? So yeah, open ce as obstructed it now that you can just, you know, put a picture there and like put some method that there. But you can still have like more functions. So there's a development for it more called Matater. It's a development. I said Um add acts, add ads is one thing. You're us in a visual studio and solidity. So you can actually write an FT as code like right from scratch. You would need a storage and that is where the decentralized storage comes a web three storage can be one of the things there. But you have to write N F T as code from scratch, not just like just uploaded a picture downloading. So N F T as. Is it a smart contract? Yes, as a smart contractor and you can include multiple fiction. So with the N F t you create from what are they called? Let Open Ce.

Right, it is a collectible Um. It might not have as much function, but you can implement so many other things into your left that even makes it more functional and gives it more I guess make it more valuable. So add more capability into the N F T s through these smart contracts or programs that you build. Yes, so how are you get into the fun stuff, which is a mad hatter stuff? So you are a mad hatter management part of the man Mad Hatter Management Team Right now. Okay, this is my first season working in Matratera, but I will give you a beef overview of how I got there and what I'm doing there right now. So it was last season when I saw a forum post by nonsense Um in matter and someone Um, you mean nonsense twice? Nonsense twice. Yes, my nonsense twice, and so I was like, it doesn't understand the function of matter in in the guild. So I kind of like to get us a responsibility to be like no, Um, this is a very, you know, useful project in the doubt, because it automates a lot of things. And in the administration part of the doubt that people would not understand how, people would not see because they don't have to do with that daily. Like guests past automation. Now right, imagine someone like you know renewing the guests past manually every foot in this because you know to get involved in the bank lets, you have to either be alter the five thousand back or other guests pass right, and that guests past space is what gives accessibility to people that cannot get involved because of financial reason. Right, you can get involved with the guests pass and matter that totally and automas that process so that, you know, people would not have to manually have to wait for guests or, you know, have to kind of manage that manually, because I think that would be a chaos. So that is one reason or one one importance of mander to in the doubt. So I was like, Oh yeah, matter, that really important. I need to kind of like get involved in this stuff. So I read out to nonsense and I was like yeah, you join um the team if you have the capacity, and then I was like okay, definitely. So I got involved in Madata down withd code base, kind of like Red Trud and like I did not know all these functionalities that Madata as and we are actually working on Um partnering with when help to educate the rest of the doubt on what Madata can do. So imagine if you get to the doll and you want to form a squad, if you want to work on the project right Um there. Sometimes you want to get the scope squad. That is, I feel, like the first step in completing the project, and Madata now can help you with forming a squad. So there's a command where you can be like slash squad. You can get to put that interested to sign up to your project. Mad Ata also helps with the coordinate. You know, that is how people get paid in the doubt. Madata actually helps with that coordinate from release and you can also do we are working on integrating like the time out so you can actually attract the type of spending the down. Mad Ata was works with that too, and alsolutely a lot of like the logs, and that is behind the stand way you can kind of like really administrate on disco. Interesting. I didn't know they had so many functions. I see madrater, you know, sending out these delivering these jokes and motivation messages all the time. And of course guests passes like an extremely useful use case. But also there are other useful stuf functions, like away from keyboard and all that, which I actually did not really know about. Yes, and that is just one of the beauty of my datter. I don't want to seal anything yet, but we're working on some of that things to make it more friendly for people, because it seems that not a lot of people kind of know the full capacity of madatter. So one definitely we're looking at, you know, that education part, but also um out wait for those as to say this, but there's an Alpha coming in for my dater. So, by the way, making bank is also an Alpha channel for the B. But shure, we'll wait for this one active.

This one the coordinate, the coordinate request, right, for example, you're able to do a coordinate command. I mean you're able to do a slash, cord nap and you will receive like an appropriate link. So how how does that happen? By the way, do you do you have a dashboard or something, or is it like ingrained in the code? It's increding the code. So when you say, uh, man management of mad hatter, it's all like code work, is it? It's not all code work. It is mostly reviewing code make sure we are maintaining it. So you know, they's always dependency. We it has a couple of dependencies, right, and because we are working with other people, we want to make sure that this code is functional, because if there's a new update, we want to, you know, make sure that that update is goes Um. We're going to also be we actually creating a bountiful to get other depths involved in it, right. So we also look in a reviewing code so that if a new Dev amount is in the now and wants to work on tax, there will be a bouncy where you can pick up that bouncy and walk on the code. We would review that code to picture that, you know, it is compatible with what we're working on and creating new features too. And and one of US features, like the Alpha I'm talking of that is coming in place. We are working on something Um that will make it even easier for people, right. So one is just reviewing code, making sure all the dependencies are up to date and doesn't break and everything is functional there, but also onboarding more deaths into it and educating them. Sounds awesome and I look forward to hearing what als is in development soon. So finally, I thought we'll close it out with this general reflections on your career in now, like what have your learnings been like, and also generally being a student, what are your like external experiences? Being like that three contributor and what kind of you know, evangelism, you do outside of backless down to help out your friends in web three? Oh, so I started this Um twitter space where I didn't started to that space, but I got involved in this twitter space. Um. Someone started it. This is a marketer from from Jaman and she reached out to me and thought about like how can we help more students, like students, get involved in web three, because you know that transition might be a gap and how can we breach that gap of breaching area? So we decided to start a twitter space. We actually this is a third week of it and we've been consistent now for three weeks. Not a lot, but we spent an hour on twitter on Wednesdays talking about like I experienced as students and web three and educating people on like, okay, how can you get involved as a student and web three and what are kind of like the resources that are out there for web three that students can tap into and get involved in. So I do that part. I also kind of like talked to of people about web three. I started a linkedin trade where teach developers still how to get involved in web three or just some of the things I've learned to my journey as a web three developer and most of those people on my network and students right. So I do that to just educate more people and just make it more accessible for people. Awesome, awesome. What is generally the usually advise? You have two people to get involved. USOULD advantually just get involved. I know it sounds it sounds funny because for me too, I it took me a long time because I'm someone that liked to understanding before growing in. So I'm like, yeah, I'll see down like you know, trying to understand everything. They see a lot of things to understand. But I think you learned by practice. So when you see like, anything that you are slightly interested in, just jump in. Don't waste time in trying to understand what it is. And there's this thing, it in, it in. Yeah, just it in and you you love it because it's an amazing community. Talk about the community. I know I mentioned that you meet like industryple fashion as you meet people with like different from...

...different works of life. But I came here, I guess, looking for how I can earn Crypto, but I stayed for the community because it's just amazing. So I would say, like this is just the best place to be right now. So if you kind of like in between things and trying to understand where you are, you can actually find that kind of stuff in backlay style. Damn, that is true, and I completely agree with you on a place to even hang out and obviously a lot to contribute to learn. That is true and value. Like you would be excited about, like the impact you're making, because I can like look back to where I started from and where I am today and I'm like, Oh my God, look at this kind of, you know, contribution and the actual impact. You know, I see people that start from zero in Aduba and I can, I can testify to this that starts from zero and I can look at where they are today and I'm like, Oh my God, like this is just amazing and it is actually making a lot of people's wing better. I would say for me, it's made my life a lot better. I'll tell you that, because I can, you know, look at things that I can't, you know, see the growth in Nice. Happy to hear that. Awesome to the stuff. This has been a great conversation and a great meeting. Also, thank you for joining making bank. Thank you for having me. Someone needs a job. What is your real what is your name like? What is what do you go by someone? Yes, yes, Selon needs a job, as my first name. Just kidding. My name is Celan actually, and I go by Celon. Needs a job, because I do need a job. Okay, Salone, I hope you find one. Oh, you actually have a job now? Yeah, that's right, bankless D has given me a lot of work to do. That's true. All right, it was nice talking to you, and that's a rap. Thank you for listening to making back, a production of back list style. If you like to learn more about back list style, please USIT bankless to community and if you like the show, please subscribe and date the show your favorite podcast platforms. See you next this week on another episode of Making Bank. H.

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